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Mechanical Forensics Engineering Services, LLC

    MFES conducts mechanical examinations and failure analysis of vehicles and machinery, performs vehicle accident reconstructions, downloads and evaluates vehicle event data recorders, conducts mechanical testing of materials and components, offers expert testimony when necessary, and provides training in accident reconstruction topics with an emphasis on motorcycles.We help industrial, insurance, and legal clients solve mechanical mysteries.

Crash Data Retrieval*Using the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval system to decode the data contained in airbag control modules, aka the "black box."

Technical Essays*TPMS & Tire Fires (added 09APR2012)
*Skids and Skid Testing
*Book reviews/errata
*Braking, Brake Failure, Sudden Acceleration
*Monte Carlo Analysis, Cammed-Over Truck Brakes
*Conservation of Linear Momentum, VIN analysis
*Lamp Filaments, Triangulation Scene Mapping, and more.

Papers authored by Wade Bartlett*Motorcycle crash reconstruction
*Speed calculations through various techniques
*Driver abilities and performance
*Heavy truck brake calculations & analysis
*Uncertainty & Monte Carlo techniques
*Witness accuracy
*Drag Sleds & Friction testing

MFES Weblinks*Accident Reconstruction
*Cars & Motorcycles
*Tech & Legal Resources/Research
*Find an Expert Witness
*Books, Journals, Words

Contact MFES*How to contact Mechanical Forensics
New Address March 2007: 179 Cross Road, Rochester NH 03867
The addresses on this website are in the process of being updated.

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