Flavours Place Coffee & Tea

Flavours Place allows you to buy exceptional coffee & tea either directly from the coffee / tea farmer or the small batch roaster. Our goal is to connect you to independent roasters from around the world, specializing in single origin speciality coffee and organic tea and Bitcoin is accepted. We have also decided to open sections of cocoa beans and spices.

Our aim is to create a meeting point among coffee & tea lovers, coffee & tea farmers around the world, small batch coffee roasters in a community of people who share the values of fair trade. We like to work for all who are outside the big chains of the coffee/tea trade. We are betting very hard for the specialty coffee, single origin coffee and single estate coffee beans. Home coffee roasters and micro coffee roasters can find here wide variety of green coffee beans. As a socially aware business we pretend to be try to facilitate the direct trade of coffee and tea when it is possible directly from the farmer.

Flavours Place also welcome coffee and tea importers who deal directly with farmers, to offer their production to the retail trade or micro roasters and likeminded companies. In this way Flavours Place is slowly becoming a favorite specialty coffees platform. In addition to a coffee and tea we have a wide section all the necessary equipment for the slow coffee and tea brewing. Also coffee shop equipment: Coffee Makers, Coffee Grinders, Coffee Roasting machines etc. We recently decided to dare a step forward and opens section for used coffee equipment.

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