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Sunday, June 21, 2020


Dalida - Bambino (1957)

I'm watching a Tim Traveler video about a hill in Paris and as he passes by a bust of Dalida he mentions that she was 'one of the most successful recording artists in history'. I've never heard of her, so a-Googling I go, and here we are.

She had some really bad luck with men close to her: four of them died by suicide. Dalida attempted suicide twice, the second time she was successful. Makes me wonder if there wasn't some kind of mental virus going around that led these people down a dark path.


Keep Portland Tiered
The bottom tier of society has been hit with a triple whammy since I graduated from high school fifty years ago. First Nixon opened China. Might have been good for the Chinese in mainland China, but it killed the heart of US manufacturing. Second was automation. The third is this pandemic. No wonder there are riots. There are a whole bunch of people with nothing to do and nothing to lose. The business about bad cops is just an excuse.

Ignoring the underclass is what enables the communists to get a toehold and start their revolutions. That's what happened in Russia a hundred years ago. Recently we've seen it throughout Latin America and in Southeast Asia. Capitalism has its faults, but Communism is much worse.

A negative income tax might help. Or maybe we should bring back the ancient Egyptian's sun god and go back to building pyramids.

P.S. As I was driving into Portland Friday I saw a wedding cake delivery van with the slogan 'Keep Portland Tiered' emblazoned across the back. It's obviously a play on the popular slogan of 'Keep Portland Weird'.

Rammstein - Sonne

Rammstein - Sonne (Official Video)

Rammstein doesn't just make great music, they also make great theater.

Lyrics (translated by Google) (Sonne is German for Sun):
One two three four five six seven eight nine
        The sun shines out of my eyes
        It won't go down tonight
        And the world counts out loud to ten
        Here comes the Sun
(Two)   Here comes the Sun
(Three) it is the brightest star of all
(Four)  Here comes the Sun
        The sun shines out of my hands
        Can burn, can blind you
        When she breaks her fists
        Lays hot on the face
        It won't go down tonight
(And the world counts out loud to ten)
        Here comes the Sun
(Two)   Here comes the Sun
(Three) it is the brightest star of all
(Four)  Here comes the Sun
(Five)  Here comes the Sun
(Six)   Here comes the Sun
(Seven) it's the brightest star of them all
(Eight) Here comes the Sun
        Here comes the Sun
(Two)   Here comes the Sun
(Three) it is the brightest star of all
(Four)  and will never fall from the sky
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Pic of the Day

A School for Boys and Girls - Jan Steen, 1670
About this painting:
This is the largest of several schoolroom scenes by Steen. The composition is loosely based on Raphael’s fresco of ‘The School of Athens’ in the Vatican, depicting the greatest scholars of antiquity. Basing this unruly scene on the famous gathering of greats, Steen made a visual joke, which is also echoed in the incidental detail. The adults seem oblivious to the unruly behaviour of their pupils. At the right is an owl, traditional symbol of wisdom and attribute of the goddess Athena. Here a boy offers it a pair of spectacles alluding to the Dutch proverb ‘What use are glasses or light if the owl does not want to see?’ This could apply to both pupils and teachers.

Full F-22 Demo: Exclusive Look Inside the Raptor

Full F-22 Demo: Exclusive Look Inside the Raptor

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Peasants' Rebellion

???? ????? ?? ??? ? ???? ????? ?? ????? ????? ???? ???????? The peasants rebellion

Here we go with another endless TV serial from the Mideast. The last one was Ertu?rul and we watched all nine zillion episodes. This one only has 61, but give 'em a chance, they might dump another 50 episodes on us at any time.

The intro has some very fancy CGI, all done in gold. The show is set in 19th Century Lebanon. We have the masters living in the fanciest palace imaginable while the peasants bow and scrape to avoid being beaten, tortured or killed. Yep, the place is ripe for revolution.

Eagle Films Offices
The series is produced by Eagle Films. It will be interesting to see what they produce.

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