Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blogging Through the Catechism

A friend from Ave Maria, my law school, (I hope he doesn't mind me calling him a friend...) has started a blog called:

It is a section by section look at the Catechism, in bloggy-awesome-goodness.

In all seriousness, Stephen is an intelligent mind, and has a keen attention to detail. I am excited for his project, as it gives me an opportunity to read through the Catechism with the insight of a person I respect and who entered the Church around the same time I did. (I can tell he is already light years ahead of me!)

Take a few minutes and go check it out, and let him know that I sent you!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Developing: Archdiocese of Anchorage set to release document(s)...


...there are various reports, from multiple sources, that tell me that the Archdiocese of Anchorage is set to release a document, or possibly multiple documents...

Details are sketchy, and the last thing I want to do is spread rumors or gossip but this appears to be a done deal, and a fantastic development, all we are waiting on is the official announcement.

The subject matter pertains to the mass, posture, and norms here in Alaska, in the Archdiocese of Anchorage.

In other words:
Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi...

As soon as I have anything...official, I will let you know. 
Until then keep your eyes on the Catholic Anchor.



St. Hubert, Patron Saint of...

...fur-trappers, furriers, and hunters... pray for us.

St. Hubert | R. León
On Good Friday morn, when the faithful were crowding thechurches, Hubert sallied forth to the chase. As he was pursuing a magnificent stag, the animal turned and, as thepious legend narrates, he was astounded at perceiving a crucifix between its antlers, while he heard a voice saying: "Hubert, unless thou turnest to the Lord, and leadest an holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into hell". Hubert dismounted, prostrated himself and said, "Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?" He received the answer, "Go and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you." -Catholic.org

His feast is November 3rd, but if he intercedes for me and helps to guide some fur to my steel, I will venerate him and be very grateful.


Usable Typewriters and Old TVs

Today I helped out a "resale" shop. It is one that uses its money to help within the community in various ways. Think Salvation Army, but Catholic-ish.

We helped discard over-stock inventory. This consisted of of taking "junk" to the dump and discarding it. We took a bunch of stuff, but the thing that stuck out to me, in a negative way, were the TVs and the Typewriters.

Once a proud lot
It broke my heart. As someone who doesn't have a TV right now, I wasn't jealous, but I just couldn't believe that we were throwing these TVs out. They were TVs that might not have worked 100% or were damaged enough that the others that the shop had in "stock" were more than adequate. This store is sort of the last resort for such items, so it isn't that they were being wasteful, they were in fact doing all they could to help find new homes for these things.

All that being said, I just found it so disheartening how wasteful and materialistic our culture is. TVs and Typewriters, things that once cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars being thrown in the same pile with broken desks and old mattresses. Sic Transit Gloria... 

I don't really have much of a point here without sounding sentimental and foolish. So, yeah, I guess the takeaway is... cherish things. Make what is old, new again. Not just for the sake of nostalgia, but for the sake of reconnecting with what once gave you a passion for something. The labor, the effort, the process.

Our lives, and especially our faith is a process... not an event. Live it accordingly. In all respects.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I need 'Community"...

So, my world is dark right now. I have learned horrible news.
Community, the best show on TV, is going on indefinite hiatus. 

<<Time to collect yourselves.>>

I have no real idea of what that truly means in TV speak, but it isnt good when you have shows in the can, and promised contractually, and yet you have no idea when they will be on the air.


Here is some reasoning as to why:
In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Community creator Dan Harmon attempted to explain why his NBC show continues to get low ratings despite outstanding marks from critics. "Well, the average person comes home from work really tired, and just wants to flip through channels until they land on the thing that's the least objectionable to them,” Harmon said. “So they don't regard the television as an appliance that's supposed to spiritually satisfy them, they regard it as a thing that's supposed to comfort them and be a little stupid. It's not because they're stupid, it's because that's what TV has given them all their lives and it's hard to go out and do the work of finding a show.”

The sad thing is that he’s right. The worse thing is that this approach to television watching has resulted in Community being put on midseason hiatus.
I don't have a TV.
I watch everything on HULU.com.
So maybe I am part of the problem?
Regardless, I can't imagine some of the horrible drivel that will be on TV while Community will be sitting on the shelves. Again, I don't have a TV and have only caught a few things here or there, but there is some awful excuse for comedy called "Whitney"...


I can't believe I did an entire post about TV, but this is a sign that our culture really has no idea what it is doing. We want modern, secular, irreverent shows, and when we finally get one that does it well and without being too over the top... it gets ignored. People don't get it. Maybe because this show makes fun of TV in a kind-hearted way, it speaks past, or dare I say, over people.

Again, Ugh.

Back to regularly scheduled blogging... while my guitar gently weeps.

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