Butcher of the Worst Kind: The Deeper Story Behind Trump’s Assassination of Soleimani

Mainstream media pundits are now talking about “de-escalation” between Iran and the US, after “both sides have fooled everyone that they have achieved victory.” Is that how cheap the life of a man who dedicated his better days fighting against the Deep State controlled ISIS and Al Qaeda terror groups?

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Satellite Photos Confirm Iranian “Warning Slap” Missile Precision

Four decades of dealing with Western imperialist ambitions in the Middle East have taught the Iranians to rely on their own capability to repel future aggression by way of advancing its military capabilities. The short-range ballistic missile strikes into a US military airbase were not only successful, but also show precision, i.e. targeting only the equipment over personnel.

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Putin’s Visit Coincided with Syrian Arab Army Preparation to Clear Idlib of ISIS

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not issued any direct pronouncements yet on Trump’s decision to assassinate Gen. Qassem Soleimani, but his recent visits to Turkey and Syria, all suggest he’s not sitting idly by while the Middle East is exploding again.

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80 Killed, 200 Wounded US Army Personnel in the First Wave of Iranian Reprisal

As part of the send-off ceremony of the most accomplished general against global counter-terrorism, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guards Corps started heavy ballistic missile attacks on US Ein Al-Assad airbase in Southwestern Iraq near the border with Syria, early Wednesday morning.

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Military Contractors Raytheon, Lockheed Martin See Stock Prices Soar Amid Iran Crisis

Lockheed Martin, famous for its fighter planes, helicopters andmissiles, saw its stock price spike to over $416, a jump of sevenpercent almost overnight. Raytheon and General Dynamics saw similarincreases.

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Gen. Qassem Soleimani: The World’s Most Accomplished Military Figure in Counter-terrorism

TEHRAN (Tasnim)– An American political analyst and author described Iran’s IRGC QudsForce Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani as the “world’s mostaccomplished military figure” in the field of counter-terrorism.

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Trump Threatens to Destroy Iranian Cultural Sites Just like ISIS Did in Syria

Donald Trump is showing the world what terror he is capable of inflicting on any country having the courage to stand up against American abuses in their territory. Right after his successful killing of Qassem Soleimani, he warned the Iranians not to retaliate, or the mighty US bombs will rain down on Iran, just like it did to Iraq, some decades ago.

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Trump’s Biggest Gamble Yet May Set the Entire Middle East Alight

The assassination of Iran’s top general is not only going to wreak havoc on America’s allies in the region. It is also going to divide the Arab world just at the very time when diplomacy was working. Was that the real aim of the hit?

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Legendary Iranian Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen.Soleimani Assassinated on Trump’s Order

Donald Trump just crossed the red line when he ordered the assassinationof the most respected commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Major General QassemSoleimani. This action will put all US forces at risk of retaliation fromIranian sympathizers across the Middle East and beyond.

PressTV reports,

Major General Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the QudsForce of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), and Abu Mahdial-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units(PMU), have been killed in US airstrikes in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The IRGC announced in a statement on Friday morningthat Major General Soleimani and al-Muhandis were martyred in the attackcarried out by US helicopters.

The Iraqi pro-government group also confirmed theincident. 

“The deputy head of the Hashed, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis,and head of the Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, were killed in a US strike thattargeted their car on the Baghdad International Airport road,” it saidin a statement on Friday.

“The American and Israeli enemy is responsible forkilling the mujahideen Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Qassem Soleimani,” saidAhmed al-Assadi, a PMU spokesman. 

The group had earlier said that its public relationsdirector Mohammed Reza al-Jaberi and four other members of the group werealso killed after three Katyusha rockets struck a military base next toBaghdad International Airport in the Iraqi capital.

The media bureau of the voluntary forces – better known bythe Arabic word Hashd al-Shabai – described the early Friday morning attack asa  “cowardly US bombing”.

The rockets landed near the air cargo terminal, burning two vehicles and injuring several people, the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s Security Media Cell said in an earlier statement.

Shortly after the attack, US officials, speaking on condition ofanonymity, told Reuters that the strikes were carried out against twotargets linked to Iran in Baghdad. The officials declined to give anyfurther details.

Meanwhile, security sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP that eight people were killed in the attack.

The development came as the United States military said on Sunday it had carried out strikes in western Iraq against Kataib Hezbollah group, which is part of the pro-government Popular Mobilization Units – better known by the Arabic word Hashd al-Sha’abi.


Iraqi security sources said at least 25 fighters were killedand at least 55 wounded following the air attacks.

 Senior Iraqi officials also condemned the US attackagainst the Kataib Hezbollah’s positions as a “violation of Iraqisovereignty”.

Caretaker Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called the move a “dangerous escalation that threatens the security of Iraq and the region” in a statement on Sunday,


Abdul Mahdi said US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper hadcalled him about half an hour before the US raids to tell him of the USintentions to hit Kataib Hezbollah’s bases. He said he asked Esper to call offUS plans.

Iraqi caretaker President Barham Salih also condemned theattack.

The US raids drew a wave of condemnation from officials and movements across the region, and triggered furious public protests outside the US embassy in Baghdad.

The United States’ Embassy in Baghdad has been evacuated afterthousands of angry Iraqi demonstrators gathered outside the gates of thecompound to condemn Washington’s fatal military aggression thattargeted Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

The Pentagon said the bombings were in response to attacks targetingAmerican forces near the oil-rich northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk lastweek, which reportedly killed a US civilian contractor and injured fourUS service members, as well as two members of the Iraqi security forces.The US accused Kataib Hezbollah group of the attack.


Therefore, it is wrong for the White House to justify the assassination of Soleimani as a retaliation of the angry protestors outside of the US Embassy in Baghdad.

The Americans started the whole thing somewhere else.

Israel is an expert in starting a war by killing somebody that would provide a pretext for a US intervention. Trump only needs a slight push in favor of Israel, especially when it comes to Iran.

Soleimani was on a diplomatic mission for peace on White House’s invitation

Even more devastating for the Trump administration is the leaked information that it was a diplomatic ambush from the very beginning.

No magic intercepts were needed, we now learn from Iraq, to arrangefor the assassination of Soleimani.? We now learn that the ambush wasstaged through diplomatic channels, drawing Soleimani to Iraq in orderto receive an offer of reduced sanctions from President Trump.

General Qassem Soleimani landed in Iraq to meet with PM Adel Mahdi, who was to be given a message for Iran by President Trump.  He was murdered instead, the diplomatic note from Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to the Iranian envoy, Soleimani, was, in fact, an invitation to an ambush.

Soleimani flew from Damascus and was killed as he left the diplomatic check-in at the Baghdad International Airport.

Iraq had been acting as intermediary between Tehran and Washington with General Soleimani acting as diplomatic representative of Iran.

Soleimani had been asked by the Iraqi government to organize andtrain the forces that defeated ISIS, a process that was continuing as ithad been continuing in Syria in partnership with Russia and Turkey, aspart of the Astana Coalition.

The actual assassination was successfully conducted with the real-time coordinates supplied by the Israelis.


Starting another war in the Middle East – is this Trump’s way out of the ongoing impeachment lodged against him?

We all know that Bibi Netanyahu was using the same tactic inorder to survive an election, and the corruption charges filed against him andhis wife. Is Trump following Netanyahu’s footstep, without thinking about the thousandsof consequences for such an unprovoked action?

Or is this really the plan from the very beginning?… to create the need for the military industrial complex to come in, and shore up the price of “defense” related stocks in the market, where Trump himself has huge investments in?

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Qassem Soleimani (L) stands at the frontline during offensive operations against Islamic State militants in the town of Tal Ksaiba in Salahuddin province March 8, 2015.REUTERS/Stringer

The gamechanging entry of the Iranian Quds Brigade under the command of Major General Qassem Soleimani into the Syrian theater of war against ISIS invasion of Syria is one of his most stellar accomplishments against Israel and the CIA.

“You are witnessing what they [the Americans] are doing in Iraq andSyria. They are taking revenge on Hashd al-Sha’abi because it paralyzedand [eventually] eliminated Daesh, which they [the Americans] hadcreated and nurtured,” the Leader said at a meeting on Wednesday…

‘Foreign spy services had hand in riots’

Ayatollah Khamenei also commented on the violent riots that hit several Iranian cities in mid-November on the back of a series of popular protests over a government decision to increase fuel prices.

The Leader said the people had some demands, but that the enemy quickly intervened to take advantage of those demands and commit acts of vandalism.

The people’s vigilance came to light when they broke ranks with the rioters, who were trying to hide behind ordinary protesters.

“The main culprits of the mid-November riots and the attacks on infrastructure such as gasoline storage sites, wheat warehouses and public property were linked to foreign intelligence agencies,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

On the first day of the riots, the Leader added, the Americans jumped for joy, but they became disappointed shortly afterwards as the riots came to end and they failed to achieve what they wanted.


The Iraqis and their government have since been working with the Iranians after realizing that they were just pawns in the “war of terror”, which only benefits Israel and petrodollar countries in the Middle East.

This Iran-Iraq security cooperation is part of a larger coordinated action against the Western Criminal Cabal that has been fomenting endless wars wherever energy and other rare natural resources are present.

Just a few days ago, a combined naval exercise was heldbetween Iran, China and Russia near Iranian waters, in order to send a messagethat both Russia and China will not stand idly by while the US is demonizingand sanctioning Iran without cause.

Despite of this warning, the Soleimani assassination is nothing short of a US declaration of war against Iran, and it has Trump’s signature in it.

Is the US prepared for another round of Eastern Alliance multipronged offensives?

Others have understood this Trump tweet to be a conciliatory one, but we consider it in reference to the Nuclear Treaty struck during Obama’s tenure where about $70 billion Iranian money, sequestered during a decade of sanctions, was returned to the Iranians as part of the deal to stop its nuclear program.

Whatever the immediate gameplay is, it has been known that the Jesuit/Rothschild faction of the Criminal Cabal will never surrender Apartheid Israel to anyone. These people are obsessed with fulfilling the scenario described in their own scriptures that created the idea for a Greater Israel.

For such a grand plan to become a reality, the US Armed Forces will be at the frontlines, and just like in Nazi Germany, the Germans “knew nothing about what’s going on, while their armed goons were just following Fuhrer Hitler’s orders.”

Either way, they are all guilty by way of commission, i.e. killing the wrong enemies, and omission, i.e. by not doing anything to eliminate the Deep State scourge within their own government.

Twenty Years Later – How Did Putin Do?

Twenty years ago a not very well-known Vladimir Putin published an essay “Russia at the turn of the millennium”. It was printed in Nezavisimaya Gazeta and at the Russian government website. The only copy that I can find on the Net in English now is here but I will be referring to the official English translation and Russian text that I downloaded at the time.

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Assange is Dying in UK Category A Prison, While UK Pedophiles Roam Free

Julian Assange did the whole world a big favor by publishing confirmatory evidence of an interlocking system aimed at concentrating power into the hands of the Deep State. Yet, only a few of those who believe in free speech have the time to do something to pressure the UK to release him immediately for the simple fact that he hasn’t offended any laws of any jurisdictions.

Without his efforts, and of those who were working with him, all of our own analyses of how the world truly works, are still “conspiracy theories” from the eyes of the public.

In the meantime, UK’s Pedophile Prince Andrew is still roaming free,

… and so are the lesser known pedophiles in England, who have victimized an estimated 19,000 children in a year, and in that island alone.

Sexual Exploitation “Epidemic” in England As Nearly 19,000 Children Identified as Victims

There’s a new official epidemic in England and it can’tbe tackled with increased hand washing or a new vaccine. In the past year,nearly 19,000 children have been sexually groomed, according to officialnumbers. But some say the real figure is much higher.

Five years ago, 3,300 suspected victims of childsexual exploitation were identified by authorities. That number rose to ashocking 18,700 in 2018-2019.

Grooming was not officially recorded as an assessment factorduring referral to social care until 2013.

Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, told the Independent that the grooming of children “remains one of the largest forms of child abuse in the country.”

“Too many times, government has said it will ‘learnlessons’, yet 19,000 children are still at risk of sexual exploitation.

The government has singularly failed to tackle this issuehead on. Its approach has been piecemeal and underfunded.”

According to the Independent, the Home Officehas begun an analysis of data regarding the cases and will use the results toinform new policy and prevention strategies, but the Queen’s Speech did notmention anything about a public review.

The Independent also reports thatinvestigations into grooming gangs are ongoing throughout the country. In fact,abusers in Huddersfield have already been jailed.

Sammy Woodhouse, a victim from Rotherham, told the Independent:

“You hear this bullshit line, ‘lessons have beenlearned’, but they haven’t learned anything.”

Woodhouse, who isn’t surprised by the newly releasednumbers, helped expose a sandal in 2012 that involved the abuse of an estimated1,500 victims.

“I still hear a lot about the authorities aren’t doingthings as they should. It’s not very often I hear something good and for alldifferent reasons—if the police won’t act on reports, people feel they’re notbeing listened to or supported properly, or information not being shared,” Woodhouseexplained.

“I’ve said for years that this country’s in epidemic whenit comes to abuse and exploitation. Authorities claim it’s under control butit’s not.”

Source: https://themindunleashed.com/2019/12/sexual-exploitation-epidemic-in-england-as-nearly-19000-children-identified-as-victims.html

How could they control that when even at the heart of the BritishMonarchy, pedophilia exists?

Where is justice for all of these? Should we just wait until these pedophiles die without being thrown to the Belmarsh Category A prison, just like what the UK Monarchy is doing to Julian?

Assange is Tortured, Drugged and Dying in Belmarsh

Belmarsh is a Category A prison – the highest level in theUK penal system – intended for “highly dangerous” convicts and thoselikely to attempt escape, typically befitting murderers and terrorists. WhileAssange meets none of those criteria and was initially locked up for a minoroffense of skipping bail, he was nonetheless thrown in Belmarsh and punished asif he were a violent, hardened criminal. He now awaits proceedings forextradition to the US.

The explanation may be as simple as taking revenge againstsomebody who dared to speak truth to power, Smith believes, and to make anexample for anyone who might follow Assange’s lead in fighting state andcorporate secrecy.

“What is clear that what is happening to Julian is muchmore about vengeance and setting an example to dissuade other people fromholding American power to account in this way,” he said.

[Assange] delivered a discussion, a debate about whattransparency should look like in the digital age… The debate got quashed itnever really happened, instead he’s being victimized… That’s’ why he’s inBelmarsh.

Going forward, Smith said it will be important to continuepressuring the British government to answer a litany of questions aboutAssange, his treatment in prison and his health, as well as to push for an “independentassessment” of the situation. Confined in one form or another since takingrefuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in 2012 and now denied the ability to defendhimself in court, Assange should finally receive a fair hearing.

“This whole thing, really we need to be asking morequestions. This needs to be held much more in the open… Julian has had his freedomcompromised for nearly a decade now,” Smith said. “It’s completelydisgraceful. This is bullying. He deserves better.”


It’s not only Julian Assange that’s slowing being taken away from us, but Chelsea Manning, too, who continues to defy Trump government’s wish to drop Assange for possible extradition to the US.

Chelsea Manning is being subjected to cruel, inhumane anddegrading treatment, constituting torture by the US government over herrefusal to testify against whistleblower website WikiLeaks, a top UnitedNations official has said.

UN special rapporteur on torture Nils Melzer accused the government of torturing Manning in a November letter, which was just released on Tuesday. In the letter, Melzer wrote that Manning is suffering “an open-ended, progressively severe measure of coercion” which fulfills “all the constitutive elements of torture.”

Manning,a former Army intelligence analyst, was arrested on May 16 after sherefused to testify against WikiLeaks before a grand jury. She is stillbeing detained at the Alexandria Detention Center in Virginia and isfacing fines of $1,000 a day.


Unlike in most Hollywood movies, the enemy cannot be defeated by just the effort of one man. That’s fantasy.

In fact, that type of storyline is deliberate to make us wait for that “lone savior who will come and redeem us,” when all we need is to realize that we are powerful enough to defeat the Deep State if we can get our acts together, stop patronizing the system they’ve put in place, and be ready to raise the pitchforks when the need arises.

Let this 2020 be a year for persistent worldwide exposure and condemnation of the high crimes committed by the Satanic Empires of the West. This is the very least that we can do for these idealist whistleblowers, who have sacrificed so much for humanity, while most of the world are taking selfies – the very object on which NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is on exile, after warning us how our personal data are being collected for future use.

Whither the World in the 2020s?

The final days of 2019 have seen dramatic steps towards reversing theera of British imperial division of the world into warring blocs.Yesterday, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin spoke by phone.The official purpose of the call, initiated by President Putin, was tothank the U.S. President for information shared by the intelligenceservices which has once again prevented a planned terrorist attack, thistime in St. Petersburg during New Year celebrations.

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The Real Reason Democrats Are Pushing Trump Impeachment?

In the time-honored tradition of Machiavellian statecraft, all of the charges being leveled against Donald Trump to remove him from office – namely, ‘abuse of power’ and ‘obstruction of congress’ –are essentially the same things the Democratic Party has been guilty of for nearly half a decade: abusing their powers in a non-stop attack on the executive branch. Is the reason because they desperately need a ‘get out of jail free’ card?

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Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State

There is a component of the Western Deep State in every corner of the world, just like there’s a US military base in most of them. In Philippines’ case, it has them all, i.e. military bases in spite of the non-extension of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement in 1991, oligarchy controlling what were once government owned corporation or public utilities, and of course, the age-old Jesuit mind control infrastructures e.g. universities, and churches.

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Weaponization of Space, Trump’s Holiday Gift for Humanity

Our planet has been under space quarantine since the US detonated the first nuclear bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The first budget allocation for the US Space Command is in violation of the Outer Space Treaty signed between Russia, US, UK and 106 other countries including China, as of June 2019. The Treaty entered into force on the 10th of October 1967.

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Israel’s Genocide Advisers and Technicians Return to Latin America in Force

With the ouster of progressive governments throughoutLatin America and their replacement with right-wing neo-fascist regimes,Israeli counter-insurgency advisers, better known as “merchants ofdeath,” have returned to Latin America with fervor.

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Never Trust a Falling Empire

The Washington Post, through documents released through the Freedom of Information Act, has published a long investigation into Afghanistan. Journalists have collected over 400 testimonies from American diplomats, NATO generals and other NATO personnel, that show that reports about Afghanistan were falsified to deceive the public about the real situation on the ground.

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Reclusion Perpetua Rendered vs Primary Accused in Massacre of 37 Journalists

A guilty verdict has been handed down against the perpetratorsof the biggest single attack on journalists in the Philippines. The primaryaccused were all sentenced to reclusion perpetua, or life imprisonmentwithout parole, since death penalty constitutional provision has been repealedduring the unfettered rule of the Oligarchy [post Marcos, pre-Duterte].

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The Israel Lobby’s Hidden Hand in the Theft of Iraqi and Syrian Oil

The outsized role of U.S. Israel lobby operatives in abetting thetheft of Syrian and Iraqi oil reveals how this powerful lobby alsofacilitates more covert aspects of U.S.-Israeli cooperation and theimplementation of policies that favor Israel.

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Ukrainian neo-Nazis fly to HK to Join Protests

Neo-Nazis from Ukraine have flown to Hong Kong to participate in theprotests, an independent news website The Grayzone reported Wednesday.They are now busy training HK protestors how to properly launch riots and pin down the police department, as they did during the highly successful “Maidan Revolution.”

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Putin and the ‘Biden Memorial Pipeline’ to China

In early 2014 Washington staged a blatantcoup d’etat in Ukraine breaking the historic relationship with Russiaand setting the stage for the subsequent NATO demonization of Russia.The one in charge for the Obama Administration of the Ukraine coup wasthen-Vice President Joe Biden.

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The Short Road: Democracy to Fascism

Fascism is a political ideology fundamentally authoritarian incharacter, with a strong nationalism and an essentially belligerentmilitaristic outlook. Fascism carries primarily a corporate perspectiveas opposed to a socialist view, directed to satisfying the needs, valuesand objectives of finance and corporations, organising both the economyand the political system according to this agenda.

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The Story of Daher Al-Umar Undermines Israel’s Own Origin Story

Akka, Haifa, Tabaria, are all cities with a rich Arab historywhich Daher made into thriving towns, and yet little memory of him exists, thanks to enormous efforts put forward by the state of Israelto control the historical narrative.

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London Bridge Stabbing: A False Flag Terror Ops to Distract Attention Away from Prince Andrew Scandal?

In recent days we have seen how the mainstream media failed spectacularly to contain the blowback stemming from the Prince Andrew-Epstein pedophilia scandal that is now threatening the downfall of the British Monarchy.

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Americans Usually Support Ethnic Cleansing When Their Government Does

The purpose of ethnic cleansing is often misrepresentedas being just a bigoted majority venting their common hatred againstsome minority, but it’s actually a crime by the state — that is, by theGovernment, the rulers — in order to get rid of enough of its opponentsthere so as to be able to remain in power ‘democratically’ — that is, bymeans of popular elections.

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Beyond the Smoke & Mirrors