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Allison, British Coach Works, Classic Motor Carriages, Classic Roadsters Ltd., FiberFab, Daytona, MP Lafer, London Roadsters, any and all.

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On this site you can find information on our beloved MG TD Replica cars as well as the answers to the most common and the most complex questions about them. You will also find technical articles, written by our members, based on their experience with driving, building, and maintaining their own cars. We welcome you to come in and join us.

The?club library?contains a brief history on the original MGs and MG TD as well as the history of the various companies that offered kits as an inexpensive alternate to owning the real thing. The library also contains collection of Original Technical Manuals and information. You may download a copy of the manuals free for private use only.

The?photo gallery?contains photos of our members MG TD Replicas and other vehicles. A few are highlighted above.

The?club store?is where you can satisfy your MG TD Replica habit. We have varying items for sale with the TD Replica club branding.

The most active part of the site is our?discussion forums, where members post Q&A’s and strike up conversations with fellow MG TD replica owners. Come and join the conversation, share your stories and Ideas and make new friends.

Got a question about a MG TD Replica? Join the forums and post your question. There are a number of friendly folks there happy to help you out! Got a question about the site??email the webmaster.

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